General Consulting

Where do we start?

CMSP Services LLC understands how critical client relationships and consulting partnerships are to business success. A client needs to select a knowledgeable company, yes, but just as important, one who understands their business philosophy and goals, in order to provide the necessary guidance to make the clients vision reality.  The working relationship between the client and CMSP Services LLC is critical to successful collaborations.

CMSP Services LLC likes to set up initial meetings, either in person or via video chat, to get to know prospective clients, their thoughts and needs.  This allows both CMSP Services LLC and, you, the client, to determine if the companies are in alignment before the work begins.   

CMSP Services LLC spends many hours working side by side with our clients so synergy and close collaboration is incredibly important.

CMSP Services LLC will discuss probable project fees based on the meeting, although a more accurate fee schedule will come to light once the GAP Assessment has been performed.   

GAP Assessment and Analysis

Great, we have decided that CMSP Services LLC and your company are a good fit.  What happens next?


Once our initial meeting takes place, and CMSP Services LLC and our client have determined they would like to move forward with collaboration, it is time to assess our client positioning in relation to the end goal.   


CMSP Services LLC will conduct a GAP Assessment of the clients’ current business, processes and departments to determine readiness toward their business goal.  This will include review of documents, processes, meeting with department leads, observing work being performed and studying work flows.  Don't worry, we will walk through each step with you, our client. 

Once CMSP Services LLC gathers the data through the GAP Assessment process, we will analyze the results in order to create and present a comprehensive path forward for our client.

Strategic Planning

The planning begins.

Now that we know what our client needs, and where they are falling short of the mark, we can build a roadmap. 

CMSP Services LLC will create an outline of the blocks, (tasks,) that need to be satisfied in order to achieve our client’s goals. We will meet with our clients, review the tasks, prioritizing, and assigning work to individuals in your company.  We will outline the risks of not addressing each block and provide a guide to completing each.  We will show our client how to monitor and measure progress to ensure tasks are completed to ensure focus on final outcomes.

At this time, we can agree on items you would like CMSP Services LLC to address directly.  CMSP Services LLC understands that while our clients are hands on, not everyone has the staff to address each area necessary to succeed. CMSP Services LLC, and can step in to take care of those areas for our clients.

Quality and Traceability

You can have a great vision and a road map to get there but if your quality and traceability are sub-par, you will have nothing in the end.

Quality will make or break your company and negatively affect your brand value.  When supplying a product or service this is a key component.  CMSP Services LLC staff has experience in creating and maintaining complex quality and traceability requirements. 

Quality will encompass all areas of your company.  With staff experience in the strict requirements of Aerospace quality, including AS9100/ISO9001, Pratt & Whitney MCL/LCS, Rolls Royce MSRR, GE S1000/S400 and DOD environments for soldier protective equipment, our staff has the knowledge to create and tailor a quality and traceability system that is as robust as you need it to be.

Strategic Sourcing and Inventory

Just as quality and traceability can have a tremendous impact on your brand; for distribution and manufacturing clients, supply chain management, sourcing and inventory management are just as critical. 

Creating a robust supply chain, and effective inventory management system is essential to success. CMSP Services LLC can help develop a plan to ensure your company is maximizing its return on investment.

From laying framework for vendor management, creating an effective vendor selection process, setting up effective work flows, processes, implementing precise inventory management systems, and incorporating contingency planning, CMSP Services LLC has the skill necessary to guide our clients, ensuring they are poised for success.

Our staff's experience in vendor development and management, coupled with their knowledge of logistics, manufacturing, inspection, documentation, and inventory management, allows for a unique view of the building blocks to creating and maintaining a robust sourcing and inventory system.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Now that you have laid the operational foundation its time to have some fun.

CMSP Services LLC can help focus on short, and long-term goals by partnering with our clients to create effective sales and marketing plans, focused on your unique needs,  market of choice, and brand awareness. 

Everyone’s goals, style and approach are different.  What are your sales and marketing objectives?  If you are unsure, don’t worry, we can explore these together.  What are the available paths?  Which path makes sense for your company? 

CMSP Services LLC can then help our clients tailor a strategy unique to their situation, providing our client to the tools they need to implement, manage and grow their business and brand.

Translation and Interpretation Services

Need some help with English/Spanish Translations?

CMSP Services LLC  can help.  We can provide translation and interpretation services in Spanish.  

We understand that some markets and customers are most comfortable, and gravitate towards companies and staff that can provide documentation and presentations and documentation in Spanish speaking staff. 


Having a native Spanish speaker on staff allows us to take your documents and presentations and translate them into Spanish allowing for more effective presentations to Latin American customers and Spanish speaking staff.