CMSP Services LLC is a small, woman-owned, minority owned, business, created with a vision of helping companies succeed by taking complex and technical tasks and making them easily understandable to clients.  We keep things simple and streamlined.  We focus on the elements important to our clients, and explain tasks in plain English instead of corporate speak. 

Edith Stauning

Our Founder is Key:

Her experience spans sales, quality management, sourcing, supply chain management, manufacturing, (in-house and outsourced), documentation, and marketing in AS9100/ISO9001 environments.


With her background in Aerospace, and DOD environments; supporting customers such as Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney, GE and Lockheed; and work with new division startups for aerospace and DOD for impact protection systems; she brings a unique view of how both large and small business worlds work and the distinctions between local, national, international collaborations. She has taken this knowledge and experience and created effective best practice approaches to clients' business needs.