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By positioning them for the future

  • General Consulting

  • GAP Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Quality and Traceability

  • Strategic Sourcing and Inventory

  • Sales and Marketing Strategies

  • Translation Services  

  • New Business start-up

  • Refreshing Current Strategy

  • Incorporating new requirements 

  • New Market Launch

  • New Division launches

  • Document translation



We understand how critical clients are to business success.  Client fit is a key component to a successful collaboration.

We take the time to get to know our prospective clients to ensure vision alignment at inception.

Our clients are our voice.  What they say and don’t say about us speaks volumes.



Welcome to CMSP Services LLC,

a small, woman-owned, minority owned, business. 

With the challenges today’s business climate presents, best practice techniques and thinking outside the box have become instrumental to ensure success.  Effective human capital management has never been more critical or more of a challenge.  

Our story beings below with our founder

"In my career I have been a part of many wonderful business adventures. From working for large, international conglomerates to working for small companies in starting a new division from scratch. Each type of business holds different sets of challenges, requiring vastly different approaches. 

What became crystal clear.  I realized it would have been very helpful to have a resource with first-hand knowledge and experience to help avoid the pitfalls of starting a new company or division from scratch with limited staff; someone who could put things in plain English, who could help handle some of the tasks and projects for us without having to inflate head count we could not yet afford.  


I wanted to create a resource companies could rely on, tailored to their specific situation, where putting things in laymen's terms is the norm, not the exception.


My journey began and CMSP Services LLC, was created."



P.O. Box 357, Blacksburg, VA 24063  Tel: 805-889-8637


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